Customer App

Customer App

We will design and develop your own individualised app based on your specific brand colours, logo, and preferences. We can develop the application in multiple languages, and for multiple currencies, in addition to providing you with countless choices for designs and logos for your brand. Our Customer Application comes with an intuitive UX design to ensure a first-class user experience. We are constantly updating our features and adding to our already innovative designs, in our field, we are the trendsetters that our competition follows. Our Customer App is available on both the Google Play and App store. Cab Treasure’s Customer App also provides your customers with real-time tracking information, whilst enabling them to share their travel details with their family and friends. Additionally, your customers will be able to call their operator at any time during their ride if they wish to change their destination etc, all at their convenience. Customer application provides real-time tracking and customers can share the travel details with their family or friends. During the ride, customers can call the operator at any time or change the destination at their convenience.

Features of Our Customer App

Driver Rating

Customers will receive a detailed profile of their driver and vehicle as soon as they make their booking. After their journey, customers can give ratings and offer feedback.

Schedule Future Bookings

Customers can schedule and book their future trips well in advance, with price estimates. They can also book rides and trips for their friends and family, all in the one app.

Via Point Booking

Give your customers the flexibility to add multiple locations to one trip.

Marketing Promotion

Plan loyalty programs for your service or run various promotional plans such as a sign-up discount, seasonal promotions, or location-specific promotions.

Real Time ETA

Allow your customers to track their driver’s real-time location and see their updated arrival times.

Multiple Payment Options

Offer your customers the ease of booking a ride with multiple payment options such as cash, card, in-car-card payment, or account transfer. All our payment gateways are 3D secure.

Quick Booking

Our intelligent customer application stores previous journey records so customers can rebook a trip quickly and easily.

Flight Tracker

Cab Treasure’s latest addition is the flight tracker feature on the customer application. This feature automatically tracks any flight delays and updates the customer, driver, and operator accordingly.

Benefits of Our Customer App

Customer Friendly

Our customer application is user-friendly and features an intuitive UX design. The app also accepts multiple payment options (cash/card.) Book now, or pre-book future trips with our various taxi options. What’s more, users can create bookings using their customer points.

Creates Engagement

Our app gives customers the option to earn loyalty points from any promotional plan. Push notifications and ride status are also features of the app, which is available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. In Addition, customers can view their trip history and receive digital receipts.

Customer Safety

Provides real-time tracking data with a precise ETA. Our app includes fully integrated and secure payment gateways for on-demand transactions. Customers are also provided with detailed profiles of the vehicle and driver and can give ratings and offer feedback about their drivers.

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