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Taxi System

Desktop Dispatch System

Cab Treasure’s desktop taxi dispatch system. Led by a team of world-class usability and user experience designers. Cab Treasure is intuitively easy to use and quick to learn taxi booking system. If you are familiar with a computer you will not take long to get used to it. We provide first-class onsite training giving you all the tools needed to kickstart your taxi business.

Hybrid Taxi Dispatch System

Cab Treasure’s hybrid taxi dispatch system is a industry-leading taxi booking system that combines the robustness and reliability of a desktop solution with the flexibility of the cloud giving you the complete freedom to dispatch jobs from anywhere at the tip of your fingers.

Taxi System
Cab Software
Cab Software

Cloud Based Taxi Dispatch System

Cab Treasure’s taxi dispatch system automates all your booking back-end processes. From customizing your customer/corporate invoicing and billing to storing all your customer and driver information, Cab Treasure’s taxi booking system makes every aspect of your business run smoothly. Customization of tariffs is also possible with our inbuilt zoning feature. With a tap of a button, any previous or future customer booking can be viewed instantly. Cab Treasure’s taxi dispatch software can be automated to run any discounts or loyalty programs that your existing customers are using, all while offering you daily, weekly, and monthly analytics reports. With our cloud based taxi booking system, you can track the number of rides completed by any driver, the number of calls received by operators, or view any driver’s earnings received via cash, card, or account-based payments. Cab Treasure understands that each ride is essential for your business, therefore we offer multiple payment options to your customers like in-car card payment, cash, card, or account deposits. With Cab Treasure, it’s never been easier to handle payments for a customer’s journey.

Features Of Taxi Dispatch Software

Taxi Booking System

Zoning And Plotting

Customize your rates and tariffs, or offer special discounts to your customers with our zoning and plotting feature.

Taxi Booking System

Driver Tracker

Driver tracking keeps you updated with Drivers' Locations. So that job can be dispatched quickly to the nearest driver available to the job location.

Taxi Dispatch System UK

Passenger Queue Board

With our Passenger Queue Board, you can offer your customers real-time queue positions, ETA and driver arrival updates.

Taxi Dispatch System UK

Flight Tracker

Complete bookings quickly and smoothly with our seamlessly integrated flight updates that automatically update your taxi dispatch system with customer flight details and delays.

Taxi Dispatch System UK

In Car Card Payment

Offer your customers a convenient payment system with Cab Treasure. Our taxi booking system supports multiple payment options like in-car payment, cash, card and account payments.

Taxi Dispatch System UK

Hotel Booker

Offer your services to tourists and visitors by partnering with local hotels in your area. Cab Treasure offers customizable commission rates, instant bookings via our integrated application.

Taxi Dispatch System UK

Ongoing Booking Dispatch System

With our school-run/regular booking feature, you can schedule all your regular bookings easily, whether it’s the 8 am school run, or hiring corporate cars for business clients.

Taxi Dispatch System UK

Multi-Vehicle Booking System

With Cab Treasure’s multi-vehicle booking features you co-ordinate with any local restaurant/event centres to book multiple cars from a single pickup point to any destination.

Benefits Of Our Taxi Dispatch System


Cab Treasure offers cost-effective, real-time automated booking and dispatch software that’s easy to use and tailorable to all your specific needs. Our Cloud-based system allows for a smooth transition from your original dispatch system and saves you money, by being compatible with any platform without the need to upgrade to expensive hardware.

Scalable Dispatch System

Our cloud based taxi dispatch system is perfect for any taxi business, whether you’re growing or established. If your business is local, or worldwide, it makes no difference with Cab Treasure. Our taxi booking system is scalable, simple and easy to manage. Our dynamic software solutions can be managed with ease from any location, for some of the lowest prices of any dispatch provider in the industry.

Data Loss Prevention

With our cloud based taxi dispatch software your data is safe from any loss, be it from computer error, virus infection, or hardware deterioration. If your data is saved locally you could find yourself at risk, however, with cloud based taxi dispatch software you can rest assured that all of your data is stored securely and it is easily accessible from any of your internet-connected devices.

Automatic Updates

For any growing business, there is no greater waste of time than waiting for system updates to install. When you switch to our Cloud-based applications this will become a thing of the past. Our taxi dispatch software & applications update themselves automatically without causing any delays or obstacles to any of your daily business operations.

Secured Dispatch System

Many organisations have security concerns when it comes to adopting a cloud-computing solution. Yet the fact is that the majority of data thefts actually occur internally at the hands of employees. it is always safer to store your confidential data offsite on cloud systems.


Cloud computing allows for easy access to all of your data via your smartphone and other internet-connected devices. With our cloud-based taxi dispatch software, you can operate and grow your business from any part of the world at your own convenience, all you need is an internet connection.

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