Emerald Phone System

Emerald Phone System

VoIP phone system for your team’s success

Emerald Phone Systems

Emerald Phone System

Emerald Phone System is a highly efficient telephone system, designed to maximise your business’s call handling capabilities and automate all your call handling processes. With Emerald Phone Systems you can accept office calls from anywhere, be it at your desk, or while working at home or remotely. With IVR you can increase your call attendance by up to 65%. With our exclusive mobile application, compatible with VOIP software, you can review and monitor all customer communication. Auto attendance and call recording integration are just a few of the features that Emerald telecom has that are designed to improve your ROI. You can also accept, review, and monitor all customer communication via Emerald’s exclusive mobile application; compatible with VOIP software. For no additional cost, your business can also get multiline communication via Emerald Phone Systems.

Features of Emerald Phone System

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Driver Connect

With the Emerald phone system, your drivers can call customers from the registered officer telephone number to inform them of updated arrival times, or journey delays.

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Integrated Caller ID

Emerald phone system displays all incoming caller details alongside the caller’s booking history. Customers can also speak directly to the driver if they request.

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Auto Attend

With the Emerald phone system, you can have your calls passed straight through to call handlers, dramatically reducing the amount of missed calls your office experiences.

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Use From Anywhere

VoIP connectivity allows you to work from anywhere in the world, giving you the flexibility to work from home or remotely.

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With the Emerald phone system call waiting, customers can get updated ETAs if the call handler is busy with a new booking.

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Integrated Recording

Real-time call recording you can playback any call at any time, and each recording is attached directly to the relevant booking.

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Smart Phone Compatibility

Emerald phone system is compatible with software VoIP phones and existing PCs and Laptops. Emerald phone system offers your business an entirely software-based solution.

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Call Statistics Wall Board

Emerald phone system provides real-time visual representations of your office’s performance and data. It also monitors all aspects of your call handler’s efficiency.

Benefits of Emerald Phone System

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IVR answers calls whilst using Caller ID to suggest the most efficient pickup spots for customers based on their history, it then automatically makes the booking via internal phone system. Callers can make bookings quickly with no need to wait for a call handler.

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Integrated Recording

Real-time call recordings are made for every call. You can playback any recording at any time. Each recording is attached directly to the relevant booking. Recordings can be emailed directly to customers for queries/complaints.

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VoIP SIP Lines

You can get multiple numbers and lines at no extra cost, and without any need for installation. No more out of area calls! Use any number and save up to 50% on your monthly bills! It will increase your profit margins and help you grow your business.

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