CabTreasure has developed this smart & affordable NEMT Dispatch Software to meet all the needs of companies dealing in NEMT services. Our software is designed to help service providers overcome daily challenges be it booking & dispatch operations, billing, routing or scheduling. Our smart system is fully optimized for proper scheduling and routing, choosing right vehicle for required trip. Our system allows constant communication with drivers in real time. The billing module in our dispatch system smoothly handles all billing & invoicing quickly & accurately for both drivers & passengers.

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  • Profile Management:   The portal services in the NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software makes interaction between the NEMT companies and hospitals/facilities, streamlined.
  • User Management: The Administrator user can create and manage sub user accounts with the ability to track all activities made including any changes or alteration to the data in the system.
  • Rate & Claim Management: NEMT Cloud Dispatch software facilitates users to setup rates against each vehicle type based on contracts, rates can be setup based on pick up charges and price per mile.
  • Administrator Dashboard: Administrator dashboard presents a summarized view of operations. It allows the administrator to operate and control the process in an effective & efficient manner by presenting real time trip activities, company revenues, vehicle maintenance alerts and recurring expiration.
  • Permission & Access Settings: The Administrator can assign special privileged access to any user with defined parameters & permissions, for effective control and management.
  • Manage Multiple Locations: NEMT Cloud Dispatch System also allows you to operate and manage operations at multiple locations. This functionality gives you the ability to create a centralized dispatch center or location-based dispatching.
  • Shift Schedules: Shift management gives administrator and other users of the software an ability to categorize drivers in day or evening shift schedules based on their availability. Trips can be assigned to drivers via auto scheduling feature.
  • Integrations Setup: Billing is challenging as well as, a crucial aspect for any NEMT company. The NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software with its integration modules, is very much capable of setting up and connecting third party billing applications such as, QuickBooks, in order to boost up overall performance of operations.
  • Auto-Scheduling SettingsUsing the Auto-Scheduler settings, the Admin can use multiple options available to configure the parameters in the system, Trips are assigned to the relevant drivers of the required fleet.

  •  User Audit Logs: It helps the administrator and system users to track any activity which includes editing trips, changes on trip status and reports. System provides time stamps of all the activities performed.The portal services in the NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software makes interaction between the NEMT companies and hospitals/facilities, streamlined.

  • Account Management:   Our state-of-the-art Profile Management Systems allows the administrator of the software to manage their system profile(s). Users can add or modify their contact information seamlessly. Operating hours can be defined in the software to manage extra hour services.
  •  Intuitive Software: Customized rates can be set up based on the vehicle services which makes billing very easy.
  • Segment Accounts:  Cloud Dispatch Software allows to create a sperate profile for the contracts (Hospital, Nursing home, Facility or a Broker) that a transportation company is working with.
  • Administrator Dashboard: With NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software Facilities/Hospitals and Nursing homes can get credentials of secure portal and it allows the care givers and case managers to create trips, generate reports and view dispatch etc.
  • Access portal: The account portal feature creates a secure portal login and allows the user to submit the trip request and review the trip information in real time

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