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Efficient Fleet Management and Improved Customer Experience with a Modern Taxi Dispatch System

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    Experience the Difference with Best Taxi Dispatch System

    As the industry’s trusted & best taxi dispatch system provider, we understand the unique challenges taxi businesses face. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional taxi dispatch software that empower you to stay ahead of the competition.

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    Cab Treasure offers cost-effective, real-time automated booking and dispatch software that’s easy to use and tailorable to all your business needs.

    Scalable Dispatch System

    We offer you a cloud system that is scalable and easy to operate and manage your taxi business. Our software solutions can be managed from any location around the world.

    Data Loss Prevention

    With our cloud-based dispatch solutions, your data is safe from any loss, be it from virus, software/hardware malfunction. Your data will always be stored on cloud systems.


    What do our clients say about us

    Happy with the service provided by Cab…
    Happy with the service provided by Cab Treasure. The staff are great and extremely helpful. The features are endless and spot on!
    We have been using Cab Treasure…
    We have been using Cab Treasure dispatch system for 4 years. I am really happy with the service. The support team are always...
    Finally a solution to all our problems 😁
    Cab Treasure have been absolutely great right from get go. We were able to tailor the system exactly to our specification and business...
    We found Cab Treasure
    We found their software extremely useful and easy to use. When we needed support they were there to help fix things and get us up...
    We have been with Cab Treasure for more…
    We have been with Cab Treasure for more than 3 years and it is one of the best return on investments we have ever made.We have...
    Been using the Dispatch System from Cab Treasures for nearly a year after moving from another company. My main reason...

    Taxi Dispatch System FAQ

    Most frequent questions and answers

    A software programme called a “taxi dispatch system” aids in managing and automating the dispatch of taxis and other on-demand transportation services. By allocating and monitoring drivers, managing bookings, responding to consumer inquiries, and optimising routes, it streamlines operations.

    A taxi dispatch system comprises of a web-based or mobile app. It enables taxi businesses or dispatchers to take orders from customers and handle them. The system assigns the nearest driver to the customer’s location and gives the driver and passenger navigation instructions.

    One of the main advantages of adopting a taxi dispatch system is that it increases dispatching and routing efficiency, improves customer experience by providing real-time tracking and notifications, automates fare calculations, manages drivers, tracks driver performance, and lowers overall costs for taxi companies.

    Yes, our taxi dispatch system is fully compatible with well-known services and platforms. It can easily be integrated with ride-sharing platforms, payment gateways, mapping services, CRM systems, and even independent accounting, or business intelligence software.

    Our dispatch system solutions are fully customisable to meet all the needs and requirements of our customers to help them in their daily booking & dispatch operations.

    Yes, effective route planning, real-time driver tracking, smooth communication channels, helpful customer support, and ongoing system changes are all part of optimising taxi services through our customisable dispatch system.

    Yes, our dispatch systems can be altered or modified to work with other on-demand services. Examples include chauffeur services, limo services, food delivery, courier services that entail sending out employees or vehicles in response to customer requests.

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