Web Design & Web Booker

Web Design & Web Booker

Integrate our taxi dispatch system into your website.

Web Design and Web Booking System

Web Design and Web Booker

Our in-house team of experienced developers and designers can help build your brand with a customized logo, website, and web booking section. We design bespoke websites with responsive UX, allowing you to reach a wider audience and increase profits. Our web booker functions in multiple languages and accepts multiple currencies, and is integrated with the dispatch system, providing an easy-to-use platform for managing customer bookings. This integration ensures a seamless experience for both customers and dispatchers.

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Features of Web Booker and Web Design

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Responsive & SEO Friendly Design

Our website design can help you reach a wider audience and increase profit. Our websites are mobile responsive and SEO friendly.

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Multiple Payment Options​

Our Web Booker can accept multiple payment options like cash, card, or payments from any leading payment gateway.

Web Design And Web Booker 03

Integrated Navigation

Web Booker comes with integrated Waze and Google navigation features for online route optimization and ETAs.

Web Design And Web Booker 05

Member Login Access

Grow your business by coordinating with hotels and corporate groups and giving them access to add or modify bookings.

Web Design And Web Booker 06

Multi-Language and Currency

Grow your business internationally with our customized Web Booker, designed to operate in multiple languages and accept various global currencies.

Web Design And Web Booker 07

Marketing Promotion

Web Design and Web Booker can help you run loyalty schemes for your existing customers and referral schemes for new bookings.

Benefits of Web Booker and Web Design

Web Design And Web Booker 08

Edge Over Competitors

Small and medium taxi companies often do not have much of an online presence but with Cab Treasure’s Web Booker and website designs, you can establish your brand, outperform your competitors, and gain a wider audience.

Web Design And Web Booker 09

Enhanced Customer Experience

With Cab Treasure’s web booker any customer can book their journey via your website, which will be integrated with your dispatch system. Once logged in they can rebook any of their previous trips from their trip history, they can also add favourite addresses.

Web Design And Web Booker 10

Run Loyalty and Discounts

With Cab Treasure’s Web Booker you can run loyalty programs like new sign-up discounts, seasonal coupons, and area-specific discounts. You can also give your customers customized multilingual and multi-currency support options.

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