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    EDI Integration

    EDI Integration

    Get a secure and reliable exchange of documents and invoices through EDI integration with clearinghouses.

    Integration with Brokerages

    Integration with Brokerages

    Conveniently acquire more trips through intelligent integration with various brokerages such as MTM and MAS.

    Custom Application Development

    Custom Application Development

    Get customized features and options to enhance your NEMT business through dispatch software.

    Maximize Efficiency and Improve Patient Care with Our Comprehensive NEMT Dispatch Software

    Cab Treasure has developed this innovative & affordable NEMT Dispatch Software to meet all the needs of companies in NEMT services. Our software helps service providers to overcome daily challenges, be it booking & dispatch operations, billing, routing or scheduling. Our innovative system is fully optimized for proper scheduling and routing, choosing the right vehicle for the required trip. Our system allows constant communication with drivers in real-time. The billing module in our dispatch system smoothly handles all billing & invoicing quickly & accurately for both drivers & passengers.

    Taxi Software - Cloud

    Core Features

    Credit Card Integration

    Credit Card Integration

    Custom Application

    Custom Application

    Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    GPS Vehicle Tracking

    GPS Vehicle Tracking

    Powerful Dispatching

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    NEMT Software Features

    With GPS tracking, real-time communication tools, billing and invoicing, and reporting, our software can help your NEMT business streamline your NEMT operations and provide a higher level of service to your patients.


    • Profile Management:  The NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software portal services streamline the interaction between the NEMT companies and hospitals/facilities.

    • User Management: The Administrator user can create and manage sub-user accounts with the ability to track all activities made, including any changes or alterations to the data in the system.

    • Rate & Claim Management: NEMT Cloud Dispatch software allows users to set up rates against each vehicle type based on the contract. Rates can be fixed based on pickup charges and per mile.

    • Administrator Dashboard: The administrator dashboard presents a summarized view of operations. It allows the administrator to operate and control the process in an effective & efficient manner by offering real-time trip activities, company revenues, vehicle maintenance alerts and recurring expiration.

    • Permission & Access Settings: The Administrator can assign special privileged access to any user with defined parameters & permissions for effective control and management.

    • Manage Multiple Locations: NEMT Cloud Dispatch System allows you to operate and manage operations at multiple locations. For example, this functionality will enable you to create a centralized dispatch centre or location-based dispatching.

    • Shift Schedules: Shift management allows the administrator and other software users to assign drivers in the day or evening based on availability via the auto-scheduling feature.

    • Auto-Scheduling Settings: Using the Auto-Scheduler settings, the Admin can use multiple options available to configure the parameters in the system.

    • User Audit Logs: These help the administrator and system users track any activity, including editing trips, trip status changes and reports. The system provides time stamps for all the activities performed. The NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software portal services streamline the interaction between the NEMT companies and hospitals/facilities.

    Account Management

    • Account Management:  Our state-of-the-art Profile Management Systems allows the software administrator to manage their system profile(s). Users can add or modify their contact information seamlessly. In addition, operating hours can be defined in the software to manage extra-hour services.

    • Intuitive Software: Customized rates can be set up based on the vehicle services, making billing easy.

    • Segment Accounts: Cloud Dispatch Software allows the creation of a separate profile for the contracts (Hospital, Nursing home, Facility or Broker) that a transportation company is working

    • Administrator Dashboard: With NEMT Cloud Dispatch Software, Facilities/Hospitals and Nursing homes can get credentials of a secure portal, and it allows the caregivers and case managers to create trips, generate reports and view dispatch.

    • Access portal: The account portal feature makes a secure portal login and allows the user to submit the trip request and review the trip information in real-time

    Benefits Of Our NEMT Software

    There are several benefits of using Cab Treasure’s Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) software for any business that provides NEMT services for patients:

    Improved efficiency:

    Our NEMT software can help streamline the scheduling and dispatch process, allowing you to schedule and dispatch rides more efficiently, reducing wait times for patients and improving their overall journey experience.

    Increased accuracy:

    Our NEMT software lets you easily input and track important information, such as pickup and drop-off locations and special instructions or requirements. This ensures that rides are scheduled accurately and that drivers have all the information required to provide the best possible service.

    Enhanced communication:

    Cab Treasure's NEMT software can help improve communication between dispatchers, drivers, and customers (patients). For example, drivers can quickly receive and confirm ride requests through the software, and customers can receive updates on the status of their rides.

    Better billing and invoicing:

    Our fully customizable NEMT software can help streamline billing and invoicing by automatically generating invoices and tracking payments. This can help reduce the risk of errors and improve cash flow for your NEMT business.

    Increased safety:

    With Cab Treasure's NEMT software, you can be sure that it will help improve safety for both drivers and customers by providing real-time tracking and alerts. This can help ensure that rides are completed safely and efficiently.

    Online Booking and Reservation System:

    Customers can easily book and schedule chauffeur services through their Customer App and Web Booker.

    NEMT Software FAQ

    Most frequent questions and answers

    NEMT dispatch software is used to manage and coordinate non-emergency medical transportation services. It helps the company that is providing dispatch services for patients. NEMT helps company to also monitor drivers and vehicles, track status of trips, and manage billing and payment for the service. It also helps NEMT companies to schedule appointments and also ensures constant communication with drivers & patients to keep them up to date.

    Cab Treasure is a software company that provides fully customizable NEMT dispatch software. The software is used to manage and coordinate non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services. NEMT software helps dispatch drivers and vehicles to pick up and transport patients, track the status of trips, and manage billing and payment for the service. Our NEMT software also includes features such as scheduling appointments, communicating with patients and caregivers, and monitoring overall performance of NEMT operations.

    Our NEMT software is a computer program that is used to manage and coordinate the dispatch of vehicles, drivers, and other resources. It typically includes features such as routing, scheduling, tracking, and communication tools that allow dispatch managers to assign tasks, monitor the status of jobs, and communicate with field personnel in real-time.

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      We are really happy with the Cab Treasure dispatch system. It is a really simple system to use and an extremely powerful tool. We are so happy we moved over from Autocab as Cab Treasure are more cost efficient and competitive with pricing. The system has allowed me more spare time to focus on other priorities as it is so seamless. We could not be happier. Thank you for your help and great communication.

      Mayflower Cars


      We have switched to Cab Treasure after being with autocab for 5 years. This is by far the best move that I have made, from day 1 the team from cab treasure was nothing but professional. The back-up system is fantastic 1 call and they will sort things immediately. If anyone is looking for a new taxi dispatch system I would have no hesitation in recommending Cab Treasure.

      Associated Taxis


      We are really happy with the software Cab Treasure has provided us with. We have made the best decision by moving to Cab Treasure. This has helped us to run our business more efficiently and assist us with growth. I must say that their IVR is the best as we have improved the booking volume. A big thank you from Network Taxi’s Sheffield!

      Network Taxis Sheffield