School Run

School Run

Effortlessly manage thousands of daily school transportation bookings with our user-friendly dispatch system, accommodating schools, councils, parents, and transport companies while ensuring comprehensive management.

School Run

Unlock seamless school transportation management with CabTreasure’s School Run Dispatch System. Our solution optimises every aspect of school transportation operations for a smooth experience.

Features of school run

Zoning and Plotting

Route Optimisation

Save time and resources with intelligent route calculations.

Driver Tracker Dispatch System

Real-Time Tracking

Keep everyone informed with GPS tracking.

Passenger Queue Board Dispatch System

Dynamic Scheduling

Adapt to changes effortlessly.

Flight Tracker Dispatch System

Ride Scheduling

4.Plan ahead and streamline operations.

In Car Card Payment Dispatch System

Multiple Pick-Up and Drop-Off

5.Simplify complex routes easily.

Hotel Booker Dispatch System

Invoicing and Receipts

Streamline billing processes.

Flight Tracker Dispatch System

Complaint Management

Address concerns promptly.

In Car Card Payment Dispatch System

Audit Trail Report

Maintain accountability effortlessly.

Hotel Booker Dispatch System

Driver Tracking

Monitor driver performance in real-time.

Booking and Dispatch System

Benefits of our school run

Cab Treasure’s Dispatch System streamlines school runs, optimizing routes, schedules for efficient transportation, multiple pick up and drop offs. It enhances safety by tracking vehicles and ensuring timely pickups and drop-offs. Additionally, it provides real-time communication for improved coordination between schools, parents, and drivers.

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Improved Communication

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Unmatched Accountability

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